Compress files or Zip Files in Windows 7/8/10 – How to

ZIP Files or Compress Files :

The ZIP File is a compressed file or folder which contains the files or folders which are compressed . The ZIP files size is less than actual size of the folder without any lost in the folder . The ZIP files can be usedzip files to transfers the data fast over the mail , or any remote transfer . The ZIP files can be easily found which contains the .zip extension .



How to ZIP Files or Compress Files in Windows 7/8/10 . 

As we have discussed the use of the ZIP Files or Compressed files now we will know how to make the ZIP files , this process is also known as the compressing the files .

zip files

  • Find the folder you want to compress or ZIP
  • Click the Left Click on the Folder and you will find the SEND TO


  • When you click on the SEND TO you will find the compressed folder

zip files


  • Click on the Compressed folder and the folder get compressed
  • By this the ZIP files are being prepared

Compress Files or ZIP files transfer

The files can be easily transfer with the ZIP Files , as we have done the ZIP files now just upload the ZIP files to the platforms you want to transfer and then just go on to transfer . By this is way we can easily transfer the files with ZIP files or Compress files

Open the ZIP files or Compress Files

When you click on the ZIP files and LEFT click on the ZIP files there you will find the EXTRACT files etc. and when you click on the EXTRACT files the files get uncompressed .

Conclusion :

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